Characteristics of Study Program Curriculum

Semester Credit Units (SKS) are the credit hours required for students to achieve specific competencies through certain learning and study materials. The determination of the number of credits in the Sports Science Study Program is determined simultaneously, which refers to the following variables:

  1. The ability or competence level to be achieved.
  2. The breadth and depth of the study material being studied.
  3. Methods/learning strategies to be determined.
  4. The semester of a learning activity is carried out, and
  5. Comparison of the overall study load in a semester.

After obtaining the estimated number of credits for each course, the next step is to arrange the courses for each semester. The basis for preparing the curriculum uses the reference to the Decree of the Minister of National Education Number 232/U/2000 concerning the preparation of the Higher Education curriculum and assessment of student learning outcomes and the Decree of the Minister of National Education Number 045/U/2002 concerning the core curriculum of Higher Education. The curriculum structure of the Sports Science Study Program can be seen below:

Curriculum Structure of the Sports Science Study Program

Code Courses Credits
MKU Compulsory University Courses 20
MKU Preferred University Courses 2
FIK Faculty Courses 12
KIP Study Program Courses 98
Advanced/Speciality Courses
KOA Adaptive Physical Activity 20
KTF Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation
KKJ Physical Fitness
KMO Sports Management
Total 152