BSS organises academic education with the aim of producing graduates in the field of sports with non-educational undergraduate qualifications with a Bachelor of Sports (S.Or) degree who are nationalist, tough, honest, responsible and responsive to the demands of the development of sports science. BSS has four concentrations of specialisation, namely (1) Adaptive Physical Activity, (2) Physical Fitness, (3) Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, and (4) Sports Management. Graduates have job opportunities in accordance with the chosen concentration of expertise. In general, the graduates of BSS are as follows:

    1. Special group Sports Therapists and Programmers (Women, Pregnant Women, Elderly and Disabled),
    2. Personal Trainers and Sports Health and Fitness Instructors,
    3. Non-medical therapists in sports health and traditional medicine,
    4. Managers of Achievement Sports organisations, Recreation and organisations related to the Sports Industry, and
    5. Sports Researchers.

The name of BSS and the graduate degree (S.Or) are in accordance with the nomenclature of the RI Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education Number 257/M/KPT/2017 and the Decree of the Director General of Belmawa Number 46/B/HK/2019.