Teaching and learning Bachelor of Sports Science Study Program (BSS) During the learning process, understanding of concepts is obtained through experience and realities in the daily environment. Field introductions in the field of learning are carried out from the beginning, not only towards the end of the program, such as through visits to schools at a predetermined time, before and until the Field Work Practice officially begins. All activities are designed and implemented as lecture assignments. BSS Applying their knowledge in various sports health disciplines and Indonesian traditional medicine to deal with injuries due to sports activities. BSS applies the knowledge and skills to manage sports organizations based on the values of leadership and creativity and a high work ethic, being able to analyze, evaluate, and solve problems when assigned to provide services in the sports industry based on a scientific approach, being able to communicate effectively, both oral and written. Provides educational services by developing a curriculum based on global conditions, user demands, industrial needs, changes in state policies, and changes in education policies.  Bachelor of Sports Science Study Program has four areas of specialization or concentration, namely: (1) Physical Fitness, (2) Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, (3) Adaptive Physical Activity, and (4) Sports Management. Credit weight for each course is 2-3 credits, except Thesis 6 credits.